My Christmas Story

Before the New Year arrives, you are warmly welcomed to immerse your senses in a world of giant books, glistening mountain tops, interactive displays, and brightly lit Christmas trees. Come create your Christmas story with family and friends. Visit us at Sunway Malls and bring magic to your Christmas as each of our malls introduce new Christmas characters, interactive displays, festive treats, special performances, fun activities and exclusive gift rewards!

My Christmas Story” represents how our unique ways of celebration blend into universal Christmas themes of joy and love. We welcome you to experience the magic of togetherness during this festive time of the year and create lasting memories of your Christmas as you explore what each of our mall has to offer.

Together in the spirit of giving and celebration, get ready to meet Santa Clause and his friends, Snowy the Snowman, Theodore the Teddy Bear, Coco the little red Cardinal, Nicholas the brave Nutcracker, and forest friends Jasper the Reindeer, Ally the Alpaca, Luna the Rabbit, Oliver the Owl, and Ember the Fairy.

Each of Santa’s friends have a story to share,
Read on, and we hope to see you there

Sunway Malls management kicks off My Christmas Story with a swish of their magic wands as beautiful butterflies spring out of giant books

(L to R) Danny Lee, GM of Sunway Putra Mall; Jason Chin, Senior GM of Sunway Pyramid and Sunway Giza Mall; Phang Sau Lian, Senior GM of Sunway Velocity Mall; HC Chan, CEO of Sunway Malls & Theme Parks; Chai Wen Yew, GM of Sunway Carnival Mall; Albert Cheok, Assistant GM of Sunway Giza Mall and Sunway Pyramid Ice; and Loo Hoey Theen, GM of Marketing, Business Innovation and eMall

Sunway Pyramid

The Mountain’s Gift: A Snowman’s Christmas Tale

Once upon a time, a group of adventurous and brave children climbed a mountain to build Snowy the friendly Snowman. He had a warm smile made of twigs, a carrot nose and pebbles for eyes. They gave him a cosy hat, a colourful scarf, and mittens to keep Snowy warm in the winter. The children’s laughter filled the air with magic and Snowy came to life! He made it snow so that the children could build forts and make snow angels. The children had the best time of their lives playing with their magical creation and returned every winter to play with their best friend, Snowy. With spring’s arrival, Snowy melted and made a promise to come back every winter to share the mountain’s joy and magic with the children. The children made origami snowmen to keep Snowy’s spirit alive until the next Christmas where he would return.

Have yourself a Merry little Christmas and visit us at Sunway Pyramid to take photos in Snowy’s Winter Wonderland, make origami Snowmen, meet Santa Claus and more! Click here for more information on the activities, workshops, and gift rewards.

Available from 24 November 2023 to 1 January 2024 at LG2 Blue Concourse

Sunway Velocity Mall

Coco’s Christmas Mission: Spreading Joy in the Courtyard

Once a upon a time, a little red cardinal named Coco lived in a charming house courtyard. Coco noticed the townsfolk were tired and Christmas decorations were missing. Determined to bring joy back into the courtyard, Coco collected as many pieces of cloths he could find to make a Christmas tree. Coco’s generous love was felt by the town and together, they transformed the courtyard into a magical wonderland. This act of love and community brought warmth and togetherness to the town, showing that even a small gesture could brighten spirits and bring smiles. Coco embodied the true spirit of Christmas which inspired the town and they all had a wonderful Christmas celebration.

Celebrate the joy of Christmas at Sunway Velocity Mall as we present to you Malaysia’s tallest upcycled Christmas tree known as “Threads of Tale“! The mall also features exclusive gift rewards, fun workshops (DIY snow globe, gingerbread cookie decorating, DIY Christmas ornaments), and dazzling performances such as acrobatics, fairy tale dances, magic shows, Christmas carolling, and storytelling. For more information on the activities and rewards, click here!

Available from 23 November 2023 to 1 January 2024 at Ground Floor Main Atrium

Sunway Carnival Mall

A Christmas Celebration in the Whispering Wood Forest

Once upon a time, little Sophie wondered about the meaning of Christmas, beyond the decorations and gifts. Lost in thought, she suddenly found herself in a whispering wood forest. There, Sophie encountered Jasper the Reindeer, Ally the Alpaca, Luna the Rabbit, Oliver the Owl and Ember the Fairy. The forest friends were surprised by Sophie’s presence as no human had ever crossed into their realm before. They curiously approached her and quickly developed a deep bond built on warmth and kindness.

While playing, they stumbled upon a hidden enclosure filled with colourful artworks. The artworks showed the beauty of cultural exchange and the power of art to unite and inspire. It portrayed unique cultural practices with the global celebration of Christmas, fostering a sense of unity and harmony amongst people. As Sophie realised the true meaning of Christmas, she was then brought back to reality with a renewed spirit to celebrate love and friendship every Christmas.

Join us at Sunway Carnival Mall to meet Santa Claus, listen to live band performances, and participate in fun arts & craft workshops! Be sure to visit the immersive digital art exhibition featuring vibrant tapestry of Malaysian perspectives, traditions and cultures surrounding the festive season. The visual narratives of how Malaysians embrace the spirit of Christmas is brought to you by Filamen and created by five artists; Yunroo, Afi, Oli, Myn and Monkido.

For more information on activities and rewards, click here. Available from 24 November 2023 to 1 January 2024 at Ground Floor Main Atrium

Sunway Putra Mall

The Brave Nutcracker’s Christmas Adventure

Once upon a time, at the Stahlbaum house during their annual Christmas Eve party, Clara was gifted a beautiful nutcracker named Nicholas. As Clara slept and began to dream, she awoke to an army of mice who plotted to steal the magic of Christmas. Suddenly, Nicholas the nutcracker came alive and with bravery arming his heart, he battled the mice and successfully defended Christmas’ magic. They celebrated with music and dance all night long. Nicholas the brave nutcracker, became a cherished symbol of joy.

Experience the magic of Christmas with Sunway Putra Mall and join in on the fun workshops (DIY candy, fluid bear, scratch art, nutcracker painting, stained glass and sensory bottles) and the festive performances. Register your little one for Putra Junior Club to join a treasure hunt too! For more information on the activities, competitions, and rewards, click here.

Available from 24 November 2023 to 1 January 2024 at Ground Floor Main Concourse

Sunway Malls CSR Highlights

The story continues here, where we delve into a more powerful narrative of Sunway Malls’ endeavour in turning visions into reality.

On a mission to save Mother Nature and to build a more resilient world for the community, Sunway Malls believes in creating new life from waste materials and we made sure to reuse decorations and props from past events for the My Christmas Story campaign this year in effort to reduce our waste and carbon footprint. As you celebrate this Christmas season with us, you will see green practices in each of our malls. This endeavour is our adventure, a journey towards creating a better future for all!

Come and see the largest upcycled Christmas tree in Malaysia!

Kloth Cares and Sunway Velocity Mall joined hands to build a 40-foot Christmas tree made entirely of donated recyclable cloths! This is a milestone for Sunway Malls as we enter the Malaysia Book of Records.

Kloth Cares is a partner under the Sunway Malls Together For Good campaign. To encourage fabric recycling, Kloth Cares recycling bins can be found at in our malls at different locations. Donated clothes, shoes, and other fabrics will be repurposed into various useful items. Get a surprise gift when you donate recyclable fabrics at the Kloth Cares recycling bin or crates at various locations in Sunway Velocity Mall *T&C apply.

Donate unwanted books to spread the joy of reading!

You can now donate books at Sunway Putra Mall to The Salvation Army. Suitable books will contribute to the learning and enrichment of creativity for children at the Salvation Army’s Kindergarten in KL, whilst other books will be channelled into their thrift stores where proceeds will fund projects across Malaysia. At the end of December, Sunway Putra Mall will enhance The Salvation Army’s Kindergarten in Taman OUG which provides early childhood education.

Gift Rewards

In the spirit of gift giving, don’t forget to redeem exclusive rewards when you spend *T&C apply. Gifts can include aromatherapy diffusers, glass food storage sets, travel luggage, Montigo bottles, Christmas tumblers, notebooks, scented candles, L’occitane travel kits, and Christmas teddy bears.

Remember to drop by the Concierge Counter and ask for our gift-wrapping service, free of charge!

Get your year-end gifts with Sunway eMall

As the festive season approaches and gifts are exchanged, you can treat yourself and find the perfect present for your loved ones! Check out exciting deals and promotions happening on Sunway eMall, the digital shopping mall platform.

From 1 November 2023 to 2 January 2024:

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  • Enjoy 6% off sitewide with a minimum spend of RM300 (discount capped at RM300) for digital items by using the promo code XMAS6

Watch this space for more updates, coming to you soon…